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Our Process

Great design is born as result of marrying ideas, program and art. Like music, architecture when properly composed, tells a story.   Each key is designed to strike major and minor chords at just the right moment creating harmony and melody to produce a masterpiece.  And like music, architecture is emotive.  It is a living and breathing composition that inspires and connects us to our past, shares our present and announces our future. It is the sonnet of our story.
From breathtaking views to serene spaces that evoke tranquility,  each story is as unique as the client it reflects.  At DMA our process to design your song begins with a Needs and Options review.   We take a holistic and collaborative approach taking into account the opportunities and limitations of your site; your desires and your budget.  
Every great composition begins at the place of intention where rhythm, rhyme and reason walk hand in hand.  Whether an exisiting building that needs a much needed recomposition or a new piece of art to dwell in, our Needs and Options review provides you with much needed information prior to placing pen to paper or shovel to ground that avoids costly mistakes.  How do you want your story told?
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